can someone please tell me why the spaceship in "FeaturesTour2014" won't crash into the ground?

Hi :slight_smile:

Im working on a space-shooter kind of a game and I was playing around with the cow “picker upper” spaceship in the content of “FeaturesTour2014” from EPIC.
I have kinda figure out most of it but one thing I can’t understand is why the spacecraft won’t get pulled down by gravity… it seems to hover just fine without any hover script or such… It has its gravity set to ON, so it should be pulling it down right??
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 02.42.23.jpg

…I will admit that I’m new to blueprint :))


What are the gravity values ?

What are the collision presets of both the character mesh and the capsule component ?

Are you sure there is no script involved ?

What are the mass and the gravity scale of the character movement component ?

Is the movement type set to “flying” ?

EDIT: I don’t know this Space Template you’re talking about, I’m just giving you hints to figure out what’s going on.


If you start a new flying game, it hovers as well I am to believe.

You could make a function, that is movement is 0 (Or what ever speed you decide), then start the reduce the world location downwards.

Collision - Please post some photos of the scripting. Have you but a static mesh in to the level and see if he crashes in to that as a debugging?


its a static mesh and (I think) doesn’t have a movement component.
Im not sure if there is scripting, but its suppose to be a show and learn kind of a example file so it would be very mean if they hid stuff in code, at least for brainless me :slight_smile:
The mass and the gravity should be an issue, I mean if there is gravity it should eventually hit the ground right? (it has mass, the scale I have know idea where to look for?)
Is there a movement typ called flying? :slight_smile:


I captured some screens, but the blueprints was a bit to wide, but anyways I can’t find any thing here that gives me any clue to the whole “stay in hoover” mode thing…

here is the spaceship:
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 20.59.29.png