Can someone please fix the grooms issue in 4.26.1/2?

Metahumans use grooms. UE 4.26.1 and 4.26.2 do not like grooms, especially at high LOD.

Attempting to preview in VR results in a crash every time. Turning off raytracing allows the preview to load initially, but any attempt to approach a Metahuman results in the crash.

This was supposed to be fixed in 4.26 and is now saying 4.27. It has been an outstanding issue for years now.

Given $1bn investment into “the metaverse” could Epic please direct some funding towards fixing VR bugs so that developers don’t have to use Unity instead?

Any suggestions on workarounds are very appreciated.


I removed all hair, beard and other grooms. That allows a Metahuman to be viewed close up, but means every model has no bodyhair. Not saying that is a bad thing, just that it limits artistic freedom somewhat.

You can enable cards by using r.hairstrands.strands 0
That way you get the head hair. Using the sample metahuman files seems to then allow for the eyebrows to be reenabled but I’m stuck trying to get the eyelashes to work in a passable way…

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The head mesh integrates eyelashes starting at LOD2 (or 3 maybe)
You can force it via LODsync component

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