Can someone please ELI5: Calling a custom event in an actor blueprint, from within a Widget BP?

I have followed more tutorials than I can count and either they are out dated or I am dense…

Someone who has done as I have described, recently, or is able to do it currently, can you please, PLEASE, not link to some other tutorial, as I have most likely seen it / tried it, and just give me a simple 1 - 2 - 3 breakdown of how you do it?


I beg of you…one of you can help me I knowz it.

Do you want an example that calls an event on your character, player controller, or random actor in the level. And if random actor in the level, dynamically spawned or already spawned in the level at game start?

First you want Get Owning Player

Then ya want Get Controlled Pawn

Then ya want Cast to YourBluePrintNameHere

Than yer gonna hafta hit a do a thing (exec node of your choice)


Hey sorry for the late response, it was a random actor I was trying to call the Custom Event in. Spawned at the start, its just some code that I need to run, not a player or anything, I just have to throw it in to throw it in you know?

Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate the help.