Can someone help me...

I would like to know how to create a dialogue box (the same type used in The Last Remmant … I know it’s possible because of him, but how would I do it, I’ve searched in several places and found nothing.
In case I wanted to use a trigger to call this. Like I would do that in case.

You can store the dialogs in an array, I use this format:

. Hi
… Hi
… How are you?
… Fine thanks
. Bye
. Follow me
… Umm… no

Then do a system at the begining looks for the “.”, and show a list with the entries found, for the player. In this case:

Follow me

After choosing one, print the text and play the sound, and then add a “…” to the search, starting from the array index choosen before. So you can follow a hierarchy. You need to alternate menus for the player and the reply from the bot.
It’s some complex to explain in more detail (and with my english is worse), but that is how works the mine, with some variables after the texts to apply animations, actions, conditions, etc.

In my own game, I do this with Kismet and GFxMoviePlayer.

First I create an NPC class that extends my pawn. I give the NPC class a string variable that stores the name of a console event. When the player walks up to an NPC and presses the use button, the PlayerController causes console event listed stored by the NPC.

If the event starts dialog, then I use a custom latent Kismet sequence action node to store the text and the NPC’s emotion. I change the NPC’s emotion, and open a GFxMoviePlayer that plays the Scaleform movie I made for displaying dialog. Then when the dialog finishes, the latent Kismet sequence action node activates its out node, and does whatever is supposed to happen next. It could be more text, or it could be something else.