Can someone help me with getting Perforce setup with Unreal Engine 4?

Can someone help me get started with perforce in Unreal Engine 4? I’m not exactly sure how to do anything with it at all actually.

If someone could help me with getting started (setting up a server, setting up client, and basics of the program itself) that’d be great.


Have you checked out the Networking tutorials on youtube?

How to set it up in detail requires some further reading, but I can do a high level description. It helps if you are used to other versioning systems like TFS or Subversion, because the core concepts do work/look alike (although there are fundamental differences, but those are not important for now).

  1. Install Perforce server (they have a free edition for up to 20 team members).
  2. The perforce server doesn’t come with a GUI client/management tool by default so download the visual perforce client. (also freely available)
  3. Install (for convinience sake) the client/administrative tools on the server, so you can set everything up locally.
  4. Create a normal depot (a classic/default type depot, UE4 doesn’t seem to understand ‘stream’ depos yet) using the administration tool. (A depot is basically a container in which your project asset files are stored).
  5. Install the client tools on your client machine. Connect to the server using the connection parameters as configured during server setup ([somemachinename]:1666)
  6. Create a workspace on the client. A workspace is basically a local version of your depot; it allows you to work on stuff in an isolated manner, so your team members are not disturbed by your activities.The client tool will usually launch a wizard to commit an initial fileset to the depot. If not; you can mark/add them manually and submit them.
  7. In the unreal editor, use the workspace and server settings as configured during the above steps.
  8. Done!

Furthermore you should realise that Perforce is a versioning system for your project files. In other words; the program allows you to maintain a history of all the photoshop files, models, unreal files etc. Usually in a multi member team, everybody who would work on a file checks them out. This means they make a reservation on the file saying “i’m now working on this file, nobody touch it until i’m done with it” or in other cases people check out a specific version and merge changes back into a single file (this often happens with game source code for example).A versioning system like perforce offers ways to deal with these challenges and more.

Anyway… the perforce site goes into greater detail in terms of core versioning concepts and usage of the tool. But maybe it’s easier to understand if you keep the above train of thought in your mind when reading the official documentation.

As an aside, support for connecting to stream depots was added in the 4.1 update.

Does this include support for SSL?

Does this mean that I can sync with server over the internet from another location?

Did you installed it ?
After three days i have it working, maybe i can help.

I have created a depot and workspace in the same machine, the server, I launch there the project since workspace, It connects succesfully, although haven’t launch the P4V (client), is really necessary in new Unreal versions?.
Something else, my friend in remote machine install the client and create itself worspace but can connect to my one, is perforce ready for IP connections?

1.Do you try to connect the client online or on local network ?
2.On your server you also must have a client with an workspace for a proper check in and check out.
3.If you have a team of two people like me it is more efficient to use something more simple like google drive… i changed back after using perforce a little

In the server has also the client with the workspace created, in the server I’ve created different users, I’ve mapped also the TCP port in the router (online network). We are 4 friends/ members, Google has sure a limit capacity and can’t exclude files, or not?

1.Try to make a http adress on your router website or on using your router-ip provided by your isp
2.activate router Dynamic DNS ( in tools) then at host name put your http
also use some any safe site for dns account testing
3. make sure to proper set up the port-forwarding to your local server static IP
4.Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall
Inbound -right click - new rule - port - Tcp port 1666 (use your port…) - Allow connection (Secure not working usually )
Outbound - right click - new rule - port - Tcp port 1666 (use your port…) - Allow connection

Excuse my english … but this are all my notes on perforce install. It should work…

Thank you for response. My fault was the windows firewall, anyway thank you for the suggest of the Dynamic DNS, unfortunately my ISP nowadays has a service than the router is configured by web service and DNS service is not direct ready. I solved it by and downloading a DNS updater aplication. Sorry for my english too xD.