Can someone help me with 7Z and RAR files

I recently downloaded a bunch of free stuff from UE4 resources | Stevie's corner and a huge majority of it was in the form of 7Z and RAR files. When I to extract them so I could use them they all keep asking for passwords and none of the threads I downloaded from mentioned anything about need passwords. I can’t afford to buy anything so I heavily rely on free things for my projects for my game design class. I need some major help on this because I need to finish my project ASAP. Please someone explain to me how to fix this dilemma and if you would be so kind to put it in layman’s terms.

Are you using 7-Zip? If not, that may be your problem.

If you’re interested in a specific project I may have a copy I can upload to my server.

To my understanding only ZIP files are somewhat password crackable. (I took digital forensics classes) But, the other formats you will need to password.

Let me know which ones you want and I will see if I have them on my drive.

Maybe your software? i download Nopal3D foliage pack and i was able to extract without any password, try different de-compressor

Hi RingMast3r100,

Here’s a link where you can download 7zip:

Download, install, right-click on a zipped/compressed file, select “Extract Here” to extract in current location or select “Extract to [Archive Name]” to extract in its own contained folder.

This should open rar files as well.

Let us know if you are still unable to open compressed files with this software.



I’m downloading the scifi medical scene one right now on my laptop and trying. I’ll reply when I open it. I think I have it unpacked somewhere at home too. It might be on my old pc. I’ll check when I get home.

I just downloaded, unpacked, and launched JamesButcherMedicalDeck.7z without issues. What does 7Zip tell you? Is that what you were trying to open?

The password for the Glass Material Pack (007 glass one) is:


, thank you for the info but, I still am in dire need of assistance.

All say wrong password. I was trying to open that and several others at the same time. Would that affect it in any way? I thank you all for continuing to help me out with this it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much

I put an answer to one of the password below.

Oh, I wonder if you have all the packages open in 7zip and it’s only asking for the password for one or two of them. I put the password for the glass materials one in the answers section below. I think that’s the only one I remember being passworded. Did you try that?

Cool, glad it worked! You’re welcome!

Can you mark it as the answer in case other people have the same problem? (The check box thing)