Can someone help me understand why the camera actor shows this and how to change what it shows?

Press F to zoom to the camera. You can right click on the camera and choose ‘pilot’.

Get the right view, then use the eject icon ( upper left ) to let the camera go again.


The problem is that I didn’t create the camera. The game spawns it when I press play. Also I have a character with no camera component whose movement I wrote from scratch through c++ and somehow when I press play I can see just fine without camera attached to the character. How is that possible?

Sounds like game mode problems. I’m assuming you’re not using your character, but the default pawn, which is what the engine drops in when it can’t find a character.

Did you specify your pawn in the game mode?

Yeah I specified the pawn and I spawn at the same position I placed my character


This is a mess. Why is it so hard to do simple things. I try to find a solution for 3 and a half hours now.

If it’s taking that amount of time, make a new level or project and find out what the problem is by elimination.