Can someone help me understand this dependancy walker file

link textUe4 is not starting on one of my team members computers and were looking for a fix, here’s the dependency walker log, it says something about missing dlls, I’m not sure I do art, and if this is art, ew…

Hi Reactant,

The file you posted says that Windows Vista is the OS, is that correct?

If so, that is the main reason for the error. You must be using at least Windows 7 64 bit in order to open the Launcher or editor.

Here are the recommended specs:

  • A desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later

  • 8 GB RAM

  • Quad-core Intel or AMD processor

  • DX11 compatible video card



hes definitely running 7. why would it read as vista?

I’m not sure why it’s showing incorrectly. We could use some more info though.

Post the dxdaig (system specs) from his PC.

Also, it sounds like you have the Launcher installed and working but you can’t get the editor to open from the ‘Launch button’, correct?

If so, follow the steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide to generate and post your Debug logs.

The launcher wont even open as far as I know, error 0xc000007b i beleive but hes installed direct x again from the redist files in unreal
Dxdiag incoming as soon as I get it

heres the dxdiag

Hi Rectant,

The dependency walker tool is mainly a diagnostic tool that shows all the dependencies needed for an application. Have your team member check the accepted answer on this issue. It should give you an idea as what to do with your log: Unreal Engine won't launch Error code (0xc000007b) - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

-Max B.

done everything listed still nothing

I would argue that deciphering DW logs is an art that few people appreciate. I would like to jump in and try to help but it is not an art that I have mastered yet so I’ll need more info. The logs you have may be a bit misleading. In other words, the lines about the missing DLLs may be red-herrings that are throwing you off( For example, this thread is all about misleading logs: LINK)

How did the user install the engine? I’m unclear how the user installed the UE4 engine without being able to start the launcher. If the user used the Epic Games launcher installer, were there any issues with the install? If this is a locally built engine, did this user take any steps to install required dependencies(ex. running UE4PrereqSetup)?

ue4 is not actually installed, inside epic games folder he only has the directX and launcher files, when he tries to open epic games launcher hes getting the error, i sent both of the prereqsetup files from my 4.6 directoryyet he still gets the error

wait where does it say vista in the dxdiag
I see windows 7

dxdiag also shows Windows Vista. How was that version of Windows acquired? Did it come with the PC you purchased, or is it an update from a previous installation of Windows Vista? Are any service packs installed?

Officially, we only support Windows 7 and up. The Engine may run on Vista, but we don’t do any testing on that as far as I know.

We have proceeded to solve this by destroying the old hard drive and simply getting a new one, I’m sure a reformat would have worked but I mean why not just get a new one.