Can someone Help Me get this wiget blueprinttoo work

Hi I’m making a game where you play as cube trying to get to the end of the level, without going too slow.
the widget is to .display the players velocity. I’m using impulse to move the player

Ok , bind progress bar percentage (where u change percentage there is a bind option beside it) and in bind function do get owning player pawn and cast to (your playerpawn name) and from cast node get object that used as collision or body in your pawn and use getlinearvelocity . from get linear velocity use length so you have one float then print it so you can see how big is you number and what is max and min speed you want. then use map range clamped (minspeed,maxspeed,0,1)this converts number from speed range to percent.

Can you show the steps through pictures?

Assuming your cube is a Pawn and all you need is velocity displayed, it could be as simple as this:

Bind it to the Text Block or directly to a Progress Bar if you do not need text.