Can someone from unreal explain cook failures?

I’m constantly getting cook failures because of this bug and in this case its your assets that are causing the failure.

PackagingResults:Error: Error Error Couldn’t save package, filename is too long: C:/Users/User/Desktop/Unreal Creator my contant/Household Heroes/Final/ActionGameTemplate/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/TP/Content/InfinityBladeGrassLands/Environments/Plains/Env_Plains_Statues/Textures/T_Plains_Man_Statue_N.uasset

Although on a side note thanks for the infinity assets. They are amazing. :slight_smile:

Hi tcla75,

Please post this to the answerhub in the packaging and deployment section so we can assist you more in depth. In your answerhub post, please include what type of device you are packaging to, what steps you are taking, which assets are specifically causing this error, and whether the error occurs in a clean, blank project with no additional content.

Your filename is too long :slight_smile: This is a limitation of the Windows NTFS filesystem (or - the API of Windows).

Move your project folder to “C:<urprojectname>” and you shouldn’t have anymore problems.

So does that mean that if I cook from a FAT32 drive I won’t get that error?

No, you’ll have the same problem.
Just shorten your project path - move your project folder to c:\ to be sure, as I already said :slight_smile:

I have also faced the same problem, I have used Long Path Tool it helped me good. try it you problem may get solved.

This was post was extremely helpful.

Hello. Yesterday when I was receiving this error for file path too long I saved to my C drive and it worked. Today I am doing the same but it is not working. Wondering if you know why it works sometimes and not working now?