Can someone explain the DinoEntries for me?

Hi, as per the title I don’t understand the point of the DinoEntires, are they just for the dossiers or do they serve another purpose was well?

AFAIK they are just for the dossier.
FYI - “Additional dino entries” is broken. The only way to get your dino entry to work is to add it to the default dino entries array and have your mod load first. Otherwise the dino entry does not work.

I have been working on a mod that I guess falls under the rebalance umbrella, and I have been making multiple versions of dinons, like a low. mid and high level version, and remapping one of them in the PGD. The others I have been adding to custom copies of the default island spawners and they are spawning. So not using the Additional dino entries.

So my original question was poorly worded when I asked it. I was refering the the DinoEntry BP that has the dossiers as a sub folder. Is this a requirement or can I safely ignore it as my dinos are just modified versions of the default dinos?

However, if I add a new type entirely do I then need to make one for it or is it optional?