Can someone explain Seamless Travel and Transition Maps?

I know there is the option to enable Seamless Travel in the blueprints now, but I can’t get it to work. If I execute the console command ServerTravel Test_map?listen then the client’s actor poofs on the server, the listening server keeps doing whatever it was doing before (walking, running, etc) and then after a few seconds they both appear on the new map. Is it doing seamless travel by default or is this non-seamless travel. If it is non-seamless travel, how can I use seamless travel?

As for Transition Maps my searching skills must be weak because I cannot find any information about them in blueprints. Since seamless travel and transition maps are linked (transition map is used if seamless travel is enabled right?) how do I set the transition map? In the documentation it mentions a C++ variable that I do not see in the game mode. Also if I enable seamless travel in the game mode then the console command ServerTravel does not work.

tl;dr: Can someone explain when to use seamless travel & transition maps, and how to use it in blueprints? Blueprint gamemode DOES have the option to enable it but I do not understand how to use it because if I enable it then ServerTravel does not work and I cannot figure out how to define the transition map.

If you use seamless travel it jumps to a (ideally) tiny level like a loading screen, then loads up a bigger level and switches to that once that level is loaded right?
Edit #1:** I found where to define the** transition map** in the project settings but it still does not work even with the gamemode

Edit #2: Figured it out. Transition maps only work in a standalone version of the game.

Hi PappySnail:

Great to know that Transition Map works only in standalone version, thanks!
But it looks like Unreal would spawn a player Pawn at the position of PlayerStart, even if there’s already one Pawn placed in the map.

Scenarios are like the following:
If I keep 1 PlayerStart and 1 placed Pawn (with auto Possess Player 0) in the map, in the beginning there’s only 1 Pawn, but after transition, there will be 2 Pawns in play.
If I keep 1 placed Pawn only (with auto Possess Player 0), there will be 2 Pawns, 1 in my placed location, 1 in (0,0,0), possibly a default location for not finding any PlayerStart.
If I keep 1 PlayerStart and no Pawn, then there will be 1 Pawn in PlayerStart’s location.

It looks like that placed Pawn is not working correctly here, but I really needed a placed Pawn since I’ve got many editable variables on it.
So I’d like to know if there’s any method to use a placed Pawn and Transition Map in the same time?


When should Transition Maps/ Seamless Travel be use for? A loading screen or something else?

Because of transition lag. Seamless transition basically allows you to get all players at position seamlessly (sorry), without lags. Transition map works as container for gathering all information needed to spawn players.