Can someone explain remapping?

I’m not making any sense of what exactly I can even remap. For example I’ve made a new Standing Torch that has a light source. I however just want to replace the existing Standing Torch. I’ve mapped the inventory, the object, the structure, and the emitter under Remap Items. This doesn’t do anything. The only remapping that seams to work is Remap Engram and flat out replace the engram with my own. However I actually only need to modify the emitter so ideally I’d like to just remap only the emitter. Is this even possible? Can someone explain what I can even remap?

Ok, I couldn’t get structures to remap at all no matter what I did. The only way I could get it to function was to remap the engram it self, but what about structures in drops? etc… An explanation of what the remapping can accept would be awesome, because I’m just guessing what is an “Item” or not.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be remapping for something such as this. You should be creating a new item all together. You will need to then add the engram blueprint to the additional engrams section of your primal game data, and the actual structure blueprint (The one showing the mesh for the icon) will need to be added to additional structures to place inside your primal game data.

Double click your mod map file to open it up, verify the primal game data override is set to your primal game data file, and that force map to load or whatever is cleared. You will also need to verify that game mode override has your test game mode linked to it as well.

You should only be remapping if you intend to do a total conversion or there is just no other way to go about what you want to do.

I don’t want two standing torch blueprints, two campfires, two wall torches. It’s ridiculous. What I want to do is doable and I’ve already done it, but am wanting some further explanation of what all can be remapped more specifically.

You duplicate (engram, inventory, structure, and emitter) the blueprints and the object for the standing torch then modify it as necessary (map them to your copies, rename, etc…). Next you add it to the additional structures to place and remap the engram of the old standing torch to your own. That’s all that you have to do and the engram will spawn your item, etc…

My mods are being developed for our own unofficial server so I don’t particularly care about other mod compatibility. Regardless remapping allows for stacking as long as two mods aren’t remapping the same thing, but it won’t cause any issues.

I’m having a heck of a time with remapping as well. Trying to sort out what exactly can be remapped and what can’t is a paaaaaain. Specifically, what counts as items? Trying to remap the WeapGPS and WeapCompass doesn’t seem to work, and in this person’s mod it seems like they should have just been able to remap the inventory item, instead of the engram itself.

Remapping, with the addition of child blueprints, could be really powerful. There just needs to be a bit more documentation…

Yup, that’s my biggest complaint is there’s no real documentation or even descriptions for these variables. Regardless I at least have engram remapping fully working. I never could get direct item remapping to work, but I’ve no idea what an “Item” is lol.