Can someone explain a bit more about this blackboard in Unreal?

I’m trying to understand the purpose of this Blackboard feature in Unreal Engine. My windows script file is 156 thousand lines long, the first 50 pages of it is a big list of over 1,800 flags counters, and all kinds of variables that defines all the values and settings for the game enemies, hp, values items, and so on.

I want to transfer that big list of slots or memory place holders over into the Unreal Engine so Unreal Engine can store that list in memory. so Is this the purpose of the blackboard to provide a place for all the game variables and settings so the other blueprints maps in the game (especially those that use lots of system map modules (for doing big large games) can keep track of whats going on from this main list and also save a snapshot of this list when you reach the save checkpoints so the game knows what variables
have been changed.

Can the blueprint also update a variable in the blackboard list, like if I find Loana Shields down at the Labs facilty. the blueprint the labs level is in should be able to just tell the blackboard to turn on the flag for Loana Shields once she has been found so she now exists in the party using a branch to see if her flag is on, then yes show loana’s dialog up in all of the blueprints map levels that have her dialog in it, or if false, her dialog doesn’t even show, that’s how I want to set this game up so the dialog only
shows if the party member exists…

Because I may need to also drag the blackboard variables out as nodes into the map level so the blueprint can use them…

In my windows script code I set it up with all of the party members dialog in each room with the storyline events, but I did it using tag names to tell the script to only show that party member’s dialog text up in the script only if the party member exists… it Might be a bit complicated to set this up in Unreal. I probably need a blueprint programmer than to try to do it on my own.

Once I know how to turn variables on and off like switches with the dialog and items, like I did in windows script, which in windows script was very easy to do, then I might beable to then code this game in Unreal with the blueprints and the blackboard. I need the blackboard to behave like a switchboard as well as a storage space.

Second, I also want to when a new party member joins the party, that they can tag along with the main player, I think its done using a line trace or track player but they can also disband from the party by switching player modes from one party member into the other to go single camera mode if they want… I haven’t done this yet in my game but its the feature I want the game to be using as the game has got 10 party members in it.

Hi, Blackboars are for I.A decision in the contex of Behavior Tree for small decisions.

Use Tables and the gamemode for store the flags.

Hi Tozan - i’ve had quite a bit of success with an SQL reader plugin for reading this kind of stuff in dynamically - although many people say it’s not wise to have client side data accessable in this form (I’m not making that kind of game though)


Tables, Game Mode? to store all my flags in, how?
You need to explain

It is out-of-the-box in unreal: