Can somebody upload a less bloated version of the sample project?

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can’t download 100GB but I really want to see the code.

I think somebody could just make an empty level, set that as the default in project settings and then maybe you would be able to delete the old level and all the level assets. Then upload the project without all that bloat.

Would be really cool

So you want all the assets stripped and a new blank level created. You just discribed opening ue5 launcher, creating a blank project and opening it.


I suppose he says the sounds, the blueprints and the main character, the truth is that I too am lazy to download 100 megabytes just to look a little.
I would like to know what skeleto is used, the rig, the new input manager, and see a couple of meta sounds

If you can explain what you want and don’t want I might give it a shot.

Thanks, more than a shoot I would like to play it, I guess I’ll just download it when I have time.
Although I am intrigued with the skeleton, is it the one from unreal 4? meta? or is it custom?

Not sure if we are talking about same thing, but one I have run on UE5 is NOT a demo they were giving with running and flying lady, but rather a will-o-wisp flying over nanite rendered desert. I don’t think there are any skeletons involved. If you are hoping for the full wingsuit gameplay, you are going to be disappointed.

aaaaa, ok thanks for the feedback, yes, actually I was interested in all other things.

thanks, I was interested in the Meta Sounds, Input Mapping Context, Animations, and Control Rig

Maybe you could just migrate that stuff to a blank project. I was hoping this wouldn’t be too much work for the person.

Actually, that’s not 100% accurate. The Valley of the Ancient does include actual gameplay and a boss battle at the end. There is a “drone” feature that does as you describe, but there is so much more. You’re missing 99% of the sample if you are thinking all there is was the drone feature which you describe as a “will-o-wisp flying over nanite rendered desert”. You are missing the motion warping, the abilities, the dark world, the ACTUAL Ancient boss battle, etc. World layers, etc. As I said, you’ve failed to experience 99% of The Valley of the Ancient sample project. It is unclear why anyone would complain about downloading 100GB in 2021 when the end result is as good as this.

Maybe because not everyone has 200GB of free space on their SSD/HDD. Or maybe people don’t have a fast internet connection. There are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to download that bloated demo.

I actually downloaded the game and migrated the main character to a fresh new project but it won’t run. The ANIMBP says it is corrupted and the blueprints don’t seem to work. I also wanted to look at how the characters rigging, Ik etc worked.

You might need to migrate the C++ code as well

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Echo’s BP derives from the \GameFeatures\AncientBattle plugin you should be able to copy the plugin to the new project and it should work.

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Especially if you plan to use nanite objects at almost a gig each.
UEVault on a NAS Drive and then Project and UE5 on PCIe 4.0 nvme.

The Valley of the Ancients demo has taught me a lot for the new features of UE5. Nice to have it running with my project and learning as I go, flipping back and forth.

I downloaded the 100gb file onto my D drive, but somehow my C drive had built up a lot as well, what gives???