Can somebody tell me how animated score is done in blueprints?

in this video

Many ways, here’s one:

Image from Gyazo

This is just a stub and can be vastly improved.

First of all. You do not need to bind it.

If you do want to use a bound function, it already executes every frame so no need to tick.

The button is just an example to demo it - have the player call NewScore instead when new score is ready - no need to waste precious cycles on casting 60 times per second polling player’s data.

Event driven approach will always work better.

I’m trying to do it but the Event Tick and Custom event are missing when binding text. is there a way to do this with FOR loop?
I just need it to count up from a score variable from the game.
From your example, You set Target is that the score from the game? should it not be Get from player score?
Pretty new I only know how to bind the text in a widget in the return graph but it won’t let me.

Basically How to not have a button and use the player’s score instead of target?
the Interp value var is like a temp variable for the score to animate?

I tried this too

If you remove the Gate, it should work ok. It’s OK if you’re just messing around but not great practice in the long run. I might be demonising it too much. Blueprint are sluggish anyway.

And yes, it’s a temp variable that stores intermittent data.

Thank you!!