Can somebody explain level load times to me? (In the editor)

I’m pretty new to Unreal so forgive me if this stuff is obvious. It’s just my level takes so long to load, it’s practically impossible for me to work like this. In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s still stuck at 38% after an hour of waiting. I know it’s probably due to using the two tree meshes from the Open World Demo, but I didn’t expect this long of a loading time. I guess my question is if the load time will be better next time or if it will now always take this long to load? Do I just need a NASA pc to work with these assets? And what I’m also wondering is, why did I have zero problems placing these objects into the scene, but now the next day, when I want to open it up, it takes forever=

What’s your spec?

Also, that open world demo has a couple of ‘show stopper’ assets in it, I can’t recall which, it might well be a tree.

Does other stuff open ok?

yes, it is the trees in particular… hilltree 02 is the worst and takes the longest, but after you do it once it works fine… if they weren’t such great trees i would find something else, maybe one of these days i will look at the materials and find out the problem… i actually do the trees first thing just to get them out of the way on the start map