Can some help me with my export issue?

i keep getting an error trying to export, ive been able to all day until now. from my log i think it thinks i don’t[link text][1] have a method to export, but i have android works installed. ive been exporting all day.

Hey Frozenblaze1290,

Here is an [older AnswerHub link][1] that I believe may help resolve the issue you’re running in to. If it does not, please provide specific details of what you’re doing to get this error and whether or not this can be replicated in a new project.


"Failed to generate code project..." 64bit Tools - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hey thanks for the link, ill have to try it out later. I just have too much homework this semester.

I understand. I will mark this down as resolved for now. If you happen to run into any additional complications, just post back here and we’ll assist you further. :smiley:

Good luck on your homework!