Can sockets be placed on destructible meshes?

I know how to add sockets to static meshes via socket manager, or to a skeleton in a skeletal mesh.
I can’t find an interface for adding sockets to destructible meshes, though.

I thought maybe I could add a socket to a static mesh before converting it to a destructible.
But once in the destructible editor there’s no section for sockets.

Am I correct to assume destructible meshes don’t support sockets, and that any sockets assigned to the static mesh they were created from are removed?


Quick question do you have access to 3d modeling software such as 3ds max?

Not directly, but there is a handy export/reimport work around that I have used in the past…though it doesn’t always have desired results and may require minor tweeks in a 3d model editor such as 3ds max…the export will export depth 0 which is essentially the completed DM model with no chunks can be removed in 3ds max…the other option is to setup that bone with no collision body and with a scale of 0,0,0 to essentially “de-render” it during game play:

First from your static mesh create your destructible mesh…save it…now export it as .fbx…now reimport it from the .fbx file into a different folder…otherwise it will overwrite the DM assest…import it as skeletal mesh and make sure the import settings don’t create a physics asset…now it will have a skeleton with each piece as a bone…you can now create sockets or attach things to the bones directly. Next you need to manually create a physics asset for the mesh…right click the mesh and then create and select physics asset and uncheck create joints. open the physics asset and hit simulate…it should fall apart as expected… is where some additional tweeks may be required in the PhAT to get those perfect results (check out the documentation on its use for more info: Physics Asset Editor in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation ) The key to getting the slow damage effect will be in your implementation of the new skeleton…you can set only certain bones to simulate physics or have all of them simulate at the same time. Using them in blueprints you can setup “health” variables etc and at certain points in health simulate physics on certain bones or have them all simulate…to avoid the explosive results tinker with the PhAT settings on the bone collision bodies. should get you started.

Yes that is basically what process is doing, creating a destructible skeletal mesh.

No theres not 2 work arounds…there are work arounds in the work around…wow that statement seems loaded…too many of somethings

The steps as a whole require no 3d modeling program…I laid it out both ways as one…if you do have the 3d program then the changes like removing the depth zero model can be done but I also gave the work around for not being able to do that.

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to lay it all out, Black Phoenyx.
So you’re basically making your own pseudo destructible skeletal mesh?

Unfortunately I only have blender at my disposal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I take it there are two workarounds: the first option requires a 3d modeling program, the second of which doesn’t?

It looks like the steps you detailed in the second paragraph is the option that requires no 3d modeling program. Is that correct?

There are work arounds in the work around lol.

"but I also gave the work around for not being able to do that. "
And that is exactly the one I wanted, because I’ve had probs in the past importing fbxs into Blender.

It seems maybe you’ve posted workaround before, so I apologize for failing to stumble on it. I did search before posting, but I dismissed all hits related to destructible skeletal meshes…

At any rate, thanks a lot for all the info!

No, never posted before…I meant that the answer I gave included said work arounds for if you didn’t have the software, for instance not being able to remove the depth 0 mesh in 3ds max or blender you set the scale to 0,0,0 for that bone in its blueprint and delete its collision body in the PhAT. If it sounded as though I was being rude or as if I was being forced/annoyed to repost something I assure you I was not…I was merely making a play at the way we kept saying “work around”…infact I thought I wrote the words “its a work around work around” but it looks like I did not…which in hindsight does take some of the funny away from the comment

I detected no hostility whatsoever in any of your replies. And also, unfortunately, there wasn’t much funny in there either. hehe jk

You posted that info so quick I thought you’d done it before, so I thought it proper to apologize that’s all. Thanks for the clarification regardless.

Hi! answer is exactly what I’ve been looking for. However, I haven’t been able to figure out where to set bone’s scale–in an actor blueprint? In an animation blueprint? In a level blueprint? I’m not sure which keywords to look for. In addition, when I delete the joint in PhAT it still seems to be there, but not bolded–is the correct behavior? I appreciate you walking through solution!