Can Radeon HD7770 run UE4 on linux?

Hi, I just successfully compiled UE4.17 on Ubuntu 17.04 but running UE4Editor shut off my monitor and the computer froze completely, even MagicSysRQ did not work any more, so I guess it is a graphics driver issue (UE4 works fine on windows, my specs meet the requirements otherwise).

Numerically, my Radeon HD7770 is greater than the minimum requirement “AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher” but since ubuntu 16.04, the catalyst/fglrx driver is not available any more and the opensource Radeon driver is used. The AMDGPU-PRO driver is not supporting the card, at least at the moment.

  • Is the driver the cause of the problem or have I hit a linux-related error?
  • Would it work with fglrx (if I would go back to a pre-16.04 ubuntu)?
  • Any solution?

I made the solution for Radeon HD 5870 & openSuse 42.3 with core 4.4.87-25-default and Mesa-17.0.3

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