Can projects be exported to another version of UE4?

name says it all… So if I made a project on 4.1.1 and wanted to open it in a 4.2 or 4.3(in future) will it work?

Thank you very much

Hey Defiled,

Yes, your projects will continue to work on updated builds. There are occasions where you might need to be aware of changes and how they might affect aspects of your projects, and you can usually find that information in release notes. If you ever have an issue after upgrading to latest release, let us know on AnswerHub and we’ll try to help you figure out what to do to fix it, and in meantime you can always open a project with an earlier version via Launcher.

Hope that answers your question!

here notes from blog, 4.0 to 41
so i guess will happen similar cases

Upgrading Projects

Some steps may be required to get your 4.0 project working in 4.1.

Upgrading Blueprint-only projects
You can load your existing project in new editor normally.
Note: Some Blueprint APIs may have changed between versions, which could cause warnings in your content. Read API Changes section for more information.

Upgrading C++ code projects
You’ll need to recompile C++ project for new version of Unreal Engine
Locate .uproject file in your game’s folder, and right click on it. (on Mac, you can also Command + Click)
Select Switch Unreal Engine Version → 4.1 (on Mac, this is in a Services menu)
Right click to generate new C++ project files, then recompile your game normally.
Note: Some C++ APIs may have changed between versions, which can cause compile errors. Read API Changes section for more information.

Sorry for inconvenience! We’re working on simplifying upgrade process for future versions."

so basically before updating read changes so you can work around it.