Can Primal Item resources be remapped?

So I took Wood and Duplicate it, Changed the base weight and the maximum stack size to 1000. I saved the duped Remapped it and it worked, but the items that use wood do not recognize this as the Item need to craft. Am I missing something?

Did you remap the from under Item Remap to the vanilla wood, and then under to, to the new one?

  • Sinari

Yes, I went to Remap Items Added The PrimalItemResources_Wood and Remapped it to my PrimalItemResources_Wood_R, the wieght and the stack worked, but foundations and other craftables dont recognized it as the Vanilla wood, thinks its something else.

Did you remap it in “Remap Items” or “Remap Resource Components” ?

Remap Resource Components sounds like the right place without doing any tests.

Isnt resource componented for the harvesting components etc? That is why I remapped them under the items tab.

i have no idea. as i said i havet tested this myself.
but wood is a resource, you should test this yourself.

When using " Remap resource components" it doesnt take any effect just tested it. Im thinking that Resources cant be Remapped using the remap item feature.

The remap resource array as far as I remember is used only to update engram recipes. Try making a new piece of iron (that is not a child of iron, but a child of whatever iron’s parent is - some primal resource base), remap resource from primalitemresource_iron to your new primal resource iron and see if you can use it just like you used iron previously for engram recipes. Also make sure whatever test environment you are using is actually using your custom gamedatabp that you are changing.

If your new wood is a duplicate, and not a child, I’m wondering if you are opening yourself to issues with recipes that require the old wood.

MustangDood I think I got it, you were correct, to do this from the looks of it it worked, doing further testing to see if it is just luck, Created a child from wood, did the changes to it, Remap Items from the parent Wood to the child, it worked.

I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and it works fine, you just have to remap the components accordingly. It works perfectly fine I can assure you; just take a look at Canna-Ark. Cannabis Seeds drop off of vanilla (existing) plants and I used the Remap Resources Array for it.

PS: I used the duplicate method (By copying it to the mod folder) too vs child, and its still working fine with no extra work involved.