Can previously used PlayerControllers break multiplayer possession?


I’m trying to figure out a very hard to pin down problem where 2 player multiplayer breaks on second matchmakes after having a first successful match with a third player.
So what I do is this,

  1. Matchmaking three ways with players A,B and C.
  2. A and B finds each other and starts match. Success no problems.
  3. New Matchmaking. A and B finds each other again. Success no problems.
  4. New Matchmaking. A and C finds each other. Fail. Player character of remote player not possessed on the Server/Auth game client.
  5. After this point each match gets the same Fail. Only a restart of all game clients will clear the error as it seems to spread to everyone involved after the very first match.
    If two players restart their clients and then I force only those two to be matched up then it works. But then if we involve a player that played previously and has not restarted then it fails again.

EDIT: Also, the possessions allways work initially with a temporary Pawn that I already have in the Map. But it fails as above when I am trying to Spawn the real in match character Pawns. It reports that there’s then only 1 valid (IsValid) Player controller ([0]). It’s like the [1] playercontroller breaks or gets lost or disconnected or something.

I keep going through the system but can’t figure it out.
It seems like maybe it has to do with the PlayerControllers? As when it breaks the Server game client reports the PlayerController[1] as being not valid.
When it works it reports it to be ok.

Is there anyone that could guess what might be happening?