Can player add landscape splines?


I was wondering if its possible to give the player the option to add landscape splines (roads) in runtime (via blueprint)? I’m trying to create a scenario where the player can craft roads on a rough terrain.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know adding landscape splines in runtime is unsupported as it falls under editing landscape terrain in runtime and for that you’d need to extend landscape class in c++ and package the project with editor only functionality… Especially if you’re using terrain modifier for those splines as terrains can only be edited in editor.

If you can, I suggest you go with spline mesh component and spline component in an actor because those can be moved and edited in runtime, and they give you more or less all the functionality that landscape splines do, except the option to adjust terrain’s height to match them.

Thanks Dovlahkin for the answer :slight_smile: