Can place selfmade structures in each other


I’ve made a structure and can place two of it in each other at different rotations. They snap to the same location with different rotations and can be placed there.
I copied a stone pillar at the beginning and changed it peace by peace to my new structure. It also snaps the the pillar snap point from the foundations. I want to see the message “is obstructed” when the unbuild structure hovers over a used point.
Which option can change this?

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Three settings i would look at in the defaults: “Allow Snap Onto Same Location”, “Allow Replacement by Structure Class Type” and “Prevent Replacement Of Structure Class Type”

Thank you for the answer!
None of those made a differnce. What else could it be?

Other than those more obvious settings, it is really hard to tell where the problem comes from as the snap point system seems to be very complicated. The first question would be how you would want it to snap in general? Is it supposed to snap to other structures at all? The pillar has a lot of snap points configured which you might need to get rid of. Then there is the Snap Type Flag setting which is probably also still set to the pillars value.
Here is a reference post for the snap point flags: REFERENCE: Snap point flags - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Hello ,

Under your Structure’s BP please search for “Placement” anything under this category will pertain to the placement of structures in the world. I believe the settings you need to look at specfically are “Placement Encroachment Check Offset” and “Placement Encroachment Box Extent”. These settings allow you to edit the X, Y, and Z values of specific borders. It will take some playing around till you get the perfect measurements but this is how I was able to make a smaller vaults mod stack on eachother/place right next to each other. Also make sure to have the option “Use Placement Collision Check” checked on.

Hope this helps

Had the same problem. And the problem was fixed when i added a destructible mesh to the object :slight_smile: