Can physics assets be morphed?

Hi all,
I am currently planning a character system, what I can make happen etc. My idea is to have a number of basic body shapes, lets say a muscular man and a fat man as two basic characters and then morph a final shape between those two.
For clothing simulation ai would of course need two physical assets that surround the different body shapes. The fat man would have a bigger gut than the athlete obviously.
Assuming that both physics assets are made up of the same shape and hirarchy, is it possible to morph the physic elements, like capsules and so on, between the two extremes to create one on the fly that would match the mixed body shape?
I haven’t worked with clothes at all yet and never used physics, so I really don’t know much about it, but it is important for my decision whether to start using it at all. If it’s not possible then I will have to change my plans and use a different approach to my character models, so that’s why it’s important for me to know if my idea is possible or not