Can path deform modifier (3dsmax) animation be expored in to Ue4?

Im trying to make an animation that uses the path deform modifier to show a series of pipes being deployed / stretched along a path. I want to export this out and use it as an animation in Ue4

link text 0:29 - 0:55 It will be something like this but instead of a cloth it will be a series of pipes extruding alone multiple paths.

I am also interested in other ways that I could achieve the same result.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 ways to do this, the first is to program the animation in blueprint, and make the mesh stretch a long a spline.

The second would be to bake your animation in 3ds max and export it to UE4, here is how to do it:

Thanks it worked, but I had to go in to 4.8 file location to find the VertexAnimation script for 3dsMax. Its not in 4.12

Here’s a the tutorial i followed for those interested.

Glad I can help, and thank you for posting a link to the video tutorial