Can Objects/Actors be attached to the Game Mode?

I know that a game mode can be used to hold global variables, but there are a couple of edge cases where it would be nice to be able to attach a component or object directly to the game mode. For example, your game might require a world clock that runs all the time and maintains a standardized time for your game world that persists between levels, or that local level clocks can use to reference with appropriate offsets. (Think GMT(In GameMode) vs. CST(In Level).
Another example might be to create a global manager object/component that controls/adjust various aspects of the games across areas/levels such as economy, mob spawning, quest updating, etc.

Is it possible to do this currently? If not, is there an alternative? If it is not currently possible, is there any chance of getting this implemented?

Answered this one myself. Apparently the project we were using had gotten corrupted through the numerous upgrades. (Project was started in 4.1, upgraded through 4.76) and the Game Mode would not allow anything to be attached. We rebuilt the project from scratch in a new, clean 4.7 version, and I was able to attach the clock object as a child actor of Game Mode, and it works perfectly. I have not tested components, but from the way everything is showing up in the BP editor, it looks like they should work as well.

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