Can not split Serial Input

I’m trying to make my character move in the Unreal Engine using Serial input. First time, I tried to split 2 values, separated by “,” or “/” using Split function and it worked.

However, later I faced some issues with collisions and had to import my character in a preset blueprint “FirstPersonCharacter”. Collisions were fixed but I could control it with a keyboard only. I tried just copy and paste previous event graph but it started showing me some errors.

Without splitting, just a single value input - work well:

Are there any other way to do this? Or are there any ways to fix those errors? I’m new in the UE so I’m not sure that I understand what exactly they mean. Also, I’ll appreciate any help with collisions setup.

All you havr to do is to remake the broken part manually, node by node. That should fix it or at least show you the next problem.


Just create XX and YY values.