Can not replicate Actor Rotation

Hello. I am studying multiplayer replication in UE4. I read the compendium about multiplayer and watched some tutorials about replicating. I understand the workflow should be like this: Client asks to Server > Server executes > Sends the data to clients (that should be multicast)

So I did a cube collision on pawn and when this collision overlaps with my actor, actor should rotate to pawn. But it never replicates, in every window, every client see the actor rotating to themselves.

Where am I doing wrong?

Hey there,
Not that good in all that replicating stuff myself, followed a few tutorials and managed to get everything to work. But you might want to have a look here

Recent topic about replication and m_foda did a great job explaining. Kudos to him.

Hello! I have checked the link. No luck about fix sadly :frowning:

Just to clarify.

  • You approach an actor (eg. pawn) it rotates towards you and this should replicate for everyone?

like that? - youtube video

Yes!! I am trying to do the same thing.

Thanks a lot, I just didnt understand why did you used “Multicast” event twice? Wouldn’t it be more laggy this way?

Well it need to be looping somehow, I tried with connecting Rotate Server and works exactly the same. It should be fine, it’s just rotating :stuck_out_tongue:

It should probably look like that.

Here is how I have done it.

Created a new pawn with cube and a collision box, didn’t change any settings. It replicates by default. Then came up with this code. This is just the skeleton code. You might want to check if the actor overlapping is valid or check it’s class, depending what you want to do next.
Code I used, below. Everything is set to Reliable.