Can not post a question in AnswerHub.

I can not post a question in AnswerHub. I tried it 3 times but every time it showed me an error. Do anyone know what the problem is?

this is still a problem for me as well :frowning:

  1. Under-investment / lack of interest by Epic
    (AH + Forums are outsourced to a 3rd-Party)

  2. Enterprise licensees have private portal: UDN
    (Epic are mostly indifferent to Indies since 2017)

You can try messaging [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]. But understand that he probably won’t answer any questions you have, just help fix issues logging-in. Also understand that AH today gets very few eyeballs, so you may never even get a reply… Sadly this wasn’t always the case. But Epic have chosen to put zero Fortnite billion$ into the Forums / AH. :frowning: