Can not log into Capture Reality with EPIC account on my desktop app

I am on a death loop on the RealityCapture App.
I click on the EPIC login and then it opens the browser and suscefully loggs in and the app also confrims it first, and then goes back to the login on the app.
I can log in to the webpage no iussue one any browser.
I reinstalled my PC and since then I can not log in anymore.

All the tips I found in the forum about this issue do not solve anything unfortunate.
I can not open any old project, I can only create new ones, and I can not use my credits at all.

I also switched to two different browsers, same issue.
RealityCapture for a short time shows logged in and then back to login window.

I really need help here. I have PPI credits, and I can neither use them, nor export further the projects I alrey used my PPI on.
How can I find support in this matter?
thank you