Can not install UE 4.5 binary from Launcher as active subscriber

Ok after many hours i even contacted the support by e-mail… no success

I still dont have UE 4.5 its not in the Launcher as if i am not an active subscriber… my account → active plan

I reinstalled the launcher but no change… All happened after i downloaded UE 4.5 preview which changed to UE 4.5 this one was corrupted but the launcher was not able to fix it…
after that i removed it and now i can not find 4.5 under new engine slots

On my Mac i can download 4.5 without problems… very strange!

Here are other Threads where i posted without solution:

Hi ,

I’m marking this question as Resolved because you already posted that you solved the problem in the following thread: Can't download UE 4.5 after my computer was restarted due to a power surge - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums