Can not find the "Add to viewport" nod


I am following the Unreal Engin Manual, and I am actually at this point :

I am scripting the menu, in order to learn to make a proper one. But the problem is I can not find the “add to viewport” nod the manual speak about at 14. Can someone help me ? I am really new to the unreal engine, so if this particular nod is no more, maybe someone can teach me way to replace it ?

Thanks in advance.

**Edit : I figure it out myself, in fact you have to uncheck the “context sensitive” box while searching for the nod when you add one in order to find the “add to viewport” nod. **

Hey there,

normally you use the Add to Viewport out of a widget reference (f.e. after your called “Create Widget”).

However, the fact that you need to uncheck the context sensitvie, means you are not in Class-Scope of that function. “Add To Viewport” belongs to (at least) UserWidget. So you need to drag off a pin which is of UserWidget class and only then you are able to see the function.

I normally prevent myself from unchecking CS, because if i cant find the function with CS, means that somethings missing,

regards Wallhalla