Can Not Destroy Actor 4.25 Bug???

I’m not sure if I should file this as a bug report or not, I figured I’d check here first.
So I have an extremely simple custom actor that inherits from AActor written in C++. For some reason I 100% cannot destroy this actor. I’ve even gone as far as calling Destroy() in the BeginPlay method. In PIE if I try to delete the actor it will not be destroyed, there is seriously nothing I can do to destroy it, I’ve even created an infinite loop with delay that gets all actors of the class and tries to delete it but I 100% will not be deleted. This just started happening in 4.25, it worked fine in previous engine versions. This is seriously pissing me off.

You might ensure Super::BeginPlay() and\or Super::Tick() get called in these overrided methods first.

I meant to respond to this, but that was exactly my issue. I feel like a complete idiot for overlooking it. I think the thing that threw me off was that it was working in prior engine versions.