Can not delete sublevel which failed to load.

epic fail

Hey Yata,

I’m not sure what you’re showing in the screenshot. Could you clarify what you are experiencing?

Do you have steps I can follow to reproduce the issue on my end?


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I show that I can bot remove level marked gray. That is a level which can not be loaded.
How I am supposed to delete it from level, if Remove Selected is marked gray?

I haven’t seen this behavior before. Are you able to press the delete key on your keyboard to remove that level from the hierarchy?

Do you know why the level is failing to load? I’d like to try and reproduce the issue on my end but I’m not able to get the grayed out appearance that you’re seeing based on your screenshots.

Sean, I can not say how level Temp_Geometry reference level Racing_Track.
But try this scenarios.

  1. Create level, which have several sublevels, save it, Close editor and delete one of sublevels.
  2. Create levels which have sublevels, than create level which have that levels with sublevels as sublevels. Then delete some topmost sublevels.

But what I thinks - there is some bug in figuring out what sublevels can be deleted and when that menu item is disabled, in any case editor should allow deleting sublevels (here for some reason I can make level current, but not delete it)

I’ve spent some time trying to reproduce the issue, but unfortunately I’m unable to get the same results on my end.

Could you try to see if you are able to reproduce this in a clean project on your end? It’s possible that I’m overlooking something in my tests.

Hey Halibob,

Unfortunately, without a way to reproduce this on our end, we are limited as far as what actions we can take to resolve this. If you are able to determine a repro case in a clean project, please provide repro steps as well as the project and I’ll be glad to take a look.


You can for example do not grey out Remove Level in menu for whatever reason.

Is there any reason why we can not remove sublevel at all?

Hey Yata,

I’m not sure why this is occurring for you guys. I haven’t been able to get the same behavior to happen on my end. Would you be able to provide me with a zipped up version of a project that you have that’s experiencing this so I can take a closer look?

I got the same problem, the sublevel is greyed out. I cannot delete it nor open it. This happened to me as the computer freezed. So had to turn it off manually. When I opened the project one streaming level was grey. Wierdly some other sublevels I had worked on was fully intact. Still has no clue how to delete it nor if possible recover it.

I am getting the same problem. Two old deleted sublevels that were referenced in another one can not be deleted.

Actually worked by fixing redirectors…:confused: