Can not create Clothing data!?

Hey guys. Today when I’m trying to create clothing data for my character and it just showed me a message that

"Failed to generate clothing sim mesh due to degenerate triangle, found conincident vertices in triangle A=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083 B=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083 C=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083’

is it possible to solve this problem???

Yes, it may be because you have some vertices not welded or two faces on top of each other, intruding!!!

was correct and the coordinate provided is CORRECT which could help you find where the point is. If your DCC is Maya, you can use a locator to find it(remember to swap the YZ axis).

How do I fix this?

is right,
you just need to come back in the blender, Lol because I use a blender so I come back in,
Go edit mode select all and go mesh clean up, Merge by distance, Set the value however you need to set it? a different value plays with For me 0.001 is work choose your

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