Can not create Clothing data!?

When I’m trying to create clothing data on my mesh, it shows me a message
" Failed to generate clothing sim mesh due to degenerate triangle, found conincident vertices in triangle A=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083 B=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083 C=X=0.023 Y=-0.632 Z=-0.083 "
Is there something wrong with my mesh, any way to resolve it???

I tried clean up the clean up and Quadrangulate the mesh in Maya 2018 but it seems doesn’t work.

Remember to check all the options when you clean it up. After the clean up is done, select all verts of the mesh and merge them at the default 0.01 distance. That solved it for me last night…

Problem was there were overlapping verts. But do the clean up as well just to be safe.