Can not connect BreakInventoryStruct from inventory tutorial

I am stuck, at 10.50, where you plugin the Get into BreakInventory struct. I can not connect both pins and have no clue, where to search for a mistake.
Ty for help.

Is your “get” connected to “inventory” and is your “inventory” the right type : an array of “inventorystruct” type ?

Hi, i hope…
Is it normal, that i have two times same entrys?

Ok, maybe then you modified something. Don’t try to connect an old breakstruct. Delete it and drag a wire from your get to have a new one.

When i drag from the get node out, to get a break, i get only that small one.
When i do a rightclick in empty space and search for breakinventory, i get the one from the tutorial.

Ok, you have two inventorystruct in structure type, maybe you selected the wrong one.

Ah, i dragged out a fresh inventory get and now it gives me the right node.
I have no clue, where the second inventory struct is, i have only one such named bp.
Not so easy to understand that stuff. :frowning:
Ty for your quick help.

Now i slowly understand, why i got sometimes stuff not working, aside beeing an amateur at BP.
I get always double entrys for functions/events i create.
I created them only one time and it seems that they are generated, every time i reopen a blueprint, with that function/event inside.
The weird stuff is, that they are not the same, aside the description.
If i have for example three same named things, only one of them is working.
That confuses me really hard.
Sometimes i have to completely restart UE4.8 Editor to find the right events with a rightclick, but i am not alone with that problem it seems.

This is because you use 4.8. I noticed too that you have access to all copies made in autosave and backup. It doesn’t happen with 4.7 so if you don’t need specific 4.8 stuff, 4.7 is the solution. If you need specific stuff, you’ll sadly have to deal with it until official release i fear. Or there is a way to remove it that i don’t know.

Edit : maybe in the view options.

Thank you again, sad thing is, that i used not to copy/translate the project for other version, all stuff i did is gone.
Only starter content is left, created folders are gone, all in black, no blueprints.
But perhaps better to start fresh, to get some practice. :frowning:

If your stuff doesn’t have 4.8 specific content, you can create a 4.7 project and then try to migrate from your 4.8 all your blueprints / stuff. Avoid to migrate 4.8 specific stuff and try migrated content one by one to see if it goes fine or not. Not sure that even common blueprints would migrated in fact.

Edit : as i removed 4.8 i can’t test myself.

Ok i made a fresh one and some things i slowly understand, others not, but working so far.

I added a close button to the inventory to play the flyout ani.
I am very confused, about the nodetext inside my inventory breakstructure node, it changed today, after fresh PC start.
But when i press “I” again, then the flipflop does flipflopthings, and do not recognize, that the menue is not open.
How to reset the flipflop to flopflip, or should i do not use a flipflop here?

Ty again :slight_smile: