Can not compile Module.HTTP

I’m using UnrealbuildTool as follow

unrealbuildtool Win64 Development -TargetType=Editor

Compiler complain about this line

const FString Domain = FPlatformHttp::GetUrlDomain(Request->GetURL());

I’ve checked the CurlHttp.cpp , the including path is

CurlHttp.cpp -> Http.h -> PlatformHttp.h -> WindowsPlatformHttp.h 

in WindowsPlatformHttp.h there are following lines

typedef FWindowsPlatformHttp FPlatformHttp;

and in WindowsPlatform.h WINDOWS_USE_FEATURE_PLATFORMHTTP_CLASS is defined as 1.
So , the module should compile , is there any chance that WindowsPlatform.h not got included ?

Found the root cause. I’m using EWDK command line and set the _CL _ environment variable, which has the including path to the Windows SDK http.h. Unset _CL _ and fixed it.