Can not cancel build or packaging on Linux Mint

Hello everyone,

I’ve successfully installed UE4 on my Linux Mint machine but I don’t know why I can not interact with the notification boxes of Unreal Engine.

Screenshot from 2020-10-17 13-20-16.png

I’ve accidentally started this build but I can not stop it. Whatever notification comes up I can not click on them. Nothing happens when I click anywhere on the notification show output log also not detecting any click.

I am using
Linux Mint 19.3 with cinnamon 64-bit.
Unreal Engine 4.25.3

I don’t know if there’s any other way to cancel tasks? I’ve checked the console in the editor but didn’t find any command like that.

It seems like there is a problem with the cinnamon and the way it communicates with the UE4’s UI system. I’ve installed xfce4 and there isn’t any problem with that.