Can not build new structure


i want to create a mod with more structures. The first test (i copied the stone foundation BPs, replaced all necessary things and imported a simple object) worked for me.
I could build and place the test structure. But now i started from scratch and i am unable to place the structure.
I dragged the crafted structure to quick slot 1 but when i press 1 nothing happens.

Has anybody an idea whats wrong?

Im currently wondering the same thing myself, I’ll get back to you if i get an answer:D!

alright you need to add your custom structure to your primal game data under “additional structures to place”! i hope this helps, let me know if you need a better explanation! :smiley:

I have the same problem. But, using the additional structures to place. It places lets me rotate then I do the second click and it doesnt place at all. But i add a custom structure placer and stuff i can place it

Hank, did you duplicate a “Stonestructureplacementemmiter” BP?

Sure didn’t, but what would I do with it. The items I modified didn’t reference it.

Dup it, place it in your folder, and go back through all the structures BP’s and make sure it is referenced.

You’re a life saver. Than you much.

No problem good sir, Happy Modding!!!