Can no longer see prices in wish list

I use the wishlist to see if things I might want are on sale quickly.
Now it appears the prices have been remove from the wish list so I have to go through each one of them individually.

Is this intentional or did I change something on accident?

i think the server is down cause you cant launch the epic app and if you do it loses connection fast

yes, this happen to me usign the web for several weeks

I think it depends on your currency GBP works fine. If you have free for a month there is not any price, because it’s FREE. Therefore the price is 0.00 which is not a price. That’s the way it looks on this side of POND!.

I started a thread for this same thing a while ago, and someone else started another. Not seeing ANY response from Epic. Extremely poor. I will not buy another product from my wishlist until it is fixed.

On the positive side I’ve saved money this sale!

Ugh, that’s annoying. I just noticed this but, I wonder if it’s an intermittent issue?

Thanks all. Still not sure what to do here. Hopefully Epic will fix this.

Edit: as @DomusLudus suggested, it works in the launcher, so I’m using that for now.

Ahh, thanks, yes, mine works in the launcher but not online. I’ll use that in the interim, thank you!