Can no longer import Data Table asset

Hi there! I can no longer import any new Data Tables file into UE4. After I properly create the Data Table asset in the editor, right-clicking on the asset and selecting either “Reimport” or “Open Source Location” literally does nothing. No windows open. No errors. Nothing.

I have used Data Tables for a few years and never had this problem. I can reimport older Data Table assets in the same project just fine but not new ones.

I have closed all other programs. I have also rebuilt the entire project and nothing seems to work. I am using the same C++ code as existing Data Tables.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Alright, well …

Dragging the CSV file to the Data Tables asset icon produced a generic “Unable to import asset error.” So I then just imported the asset directly using the Import button and this worked.

The initial asset was created by right-clicking in the editor and creating the asset from there.

This is definitely a bug of some sort.

I can confirm it, the reimport option works with some Datatables but do nothing with others. The only way to re-import the data is like you described: overriding the asset.