Can Niagara's ribbon collide with actors? (Fire Trail)

Hi there, I am trying to make a fire trail for my character that can damage other actors overlapping it. I thought the ribbon might be the best bet here after looking into splines, but I can’t see anything on Niagara’s collision with other BPs, is this possible?

If not, what would you guys recommend for a fire trail that can interact with other BPs?

Many thanks!

To anyone reading this looking for a fire trail, so far my best method seems to be creating a non-intensive GPU sprite of a flame that goes out after a few seconds.

Then just put this particle effect into its own BP with a box collider. In the event graph add “on overlap with box - damage the actor that walks into it”, and then on the actor you want to spawn the trail behind them add a “spawn an actor of class” at a location behind them, and select the BP class of the particle effect you just made.

There are probably much better ways, but this works for now as a particle trail with collision for other actors.