Can my pc run Unreal Engine 4?

My specs:
GT 430 1gb
12gb ram

That Nvidia GPU is approx 10 times slower than a GTX 960 and more than 20 times slower than a GTX 1060. The dual core i3 CPU is the bare minimum, a quad-core or hexa-core would be much better. 12GB RAM is the bare minimum too, 16GB or better yet 24GB or 32GB would be better.
With that system you might be unable to even get a sustained 60fps framerate in-editor with simple scenes made of low-poly or mid-range poly meshes and not very complex materials and so on.
With a cheap GTX 1050 and 16GB RAM you might improve things a lot if you don’t or you can’t afford buying more expensive hardware. Add a cheap 480GB or 512GB SSD for OS and main project and you should at least be able to work at 1080p with a good framerate.

but you didn’t really answer me, can i run it? i doesn’t care the much of fps, can i run it at least, running on the minimum quality?

Hey there, you may find this useful -

Ultimately you won’t really know until you try though. Good luck. =)

Yes, it will run it. Good enough for learning the ropes, nowhere nearly comfortable enough to work on anything remotely serious.

Sorry i told u the wrong specs of my graphic card, it’s a gt 430 with 2gb vram. i said 1gb but it’s 2

Does not matter much, you’ll bottleneck on that GPU anyway sooner than later; it was entry level when released, now it’s also quite dated. It will choke before you fill up that vRam. Still 2GB > 1GB, of course, somewhat fine for up to 1080p. The CPU is not *that *bad and 12GB RAM is fine, too if all you need is to mock around with the editor.

Good luck and have fun.

Thanks, i’ll be using the Unreal Engine 4 on that pc till i get my new pc: i3-8100, gtx 1060 4gb, 8gb ram (or 16gb). i’ll use it more for learning on that pc

1060s come with 3 / 6GB as standard although there are weird 5GB versions out there. If you need a piece of advice, do not settle for 8GB RAM, make 16 your min goal, and an SSD - cheap as chips these days and well worth it.