Can my laptop run unreal engine 4?

Hi Guys,i wanna know if this laptop i’m gonna buy able to run Unreal Engine 4?
btw i’m getting to learn game development so,i wont be making Epic Games on it.

Here’s a spec Detail:
GTX 1050ti(4GB)
7th Gen Core-i5(7300hq)
8GB Ram(2400Mhz)…I dont know if i need it to be upgraded to 16gb,if i do please let me know

Yep, should be able to run the UE4 -> I get around constant 30 fps with a gtx 660m + 4gb ram + i7-3610qm
I personally would upgrade to 16 GB Ram, because then it will run smoother (but 8gb is ok -> I use it on my main PC) :slight_smile:

Man, you got a laptop that I want. That will definitely work with UE4.
How much did you spend for it.

For a laptop i would push 16GB since the available power is less then a desktop
My laptop is an Asus ROG with a 1080GTX (8GB), i7 6700, 64GB PC2400 … rest is fairly standard i think (ie: SSD and such)
I dont use it generally, but, when i do, it is great. Not like my desktop, but, its pretty great for a laptop (higher then my expectations)
Think i paid like $1600 for it? Maybe?

Your set should be fine, tho, if your project starts getting real big in size and you start feeling like your lappy isnt cutting it, i would push the 16GB