Can My Laptop Run Minimum Settings?

Hi, my modern PC with GPU and quad core, etc is out of commision. Will an old Core 2 Duo laptop with 3gb ram and integrated graphics run the software on minimum settings? I don’t expect it to but I figured I would ask before committing to a massive download on my slow satellite internet.

Thank you!

It will not be enough.

No probably not. Anything less than the current i series will struggle if it’s low end.

How old is that notebook ?! Even my phone has bigger chances of running ue4.

No surely UE4 will not run. Does not satisfy the minimum requirement

UE4 is a pig. So I doubt it will run on your notebook. I have an 3 year old Lenovo Notebook [AMD A6 - Quad Core CPU | 8 GB RAM | HD 84xx Radeon Intregrated GPU] that struggles with UE4. Loading levels, graphics, and rendering is a pain. GPU latency is a huge problem especially when testing 3D level.

Unfortunately, that is well below our recommended specs. You will want to have a look at this: Recommended Hardware