Can my GPU hold up a little longer?

This is the error I get when I open up Unreal Engine 4.12.0 Preview 4:


Your NVIDIA gpu driver has known issues.

Please update to the latest driver version.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT

361.72 is recommended

341.95 is installed


And this is my question:



Is the problem with the GPU being old and lacking hardware power and or features?


Is the problem with the engine alone, and is unrelated to the GPU features and power?


And here is a backstory to help you understand the situation:


As my AMD 5870HD just recently broke, I have been waiting for the prices to drop down in all this NVIDIA hype. It’s starting to sound like a new IPhone with a 2002 laptop spec. But enough of my rant. I’m just waiting for the prices on some GPU’s to drop down, as I’m currently using an old GPU that was replaced by my broken card a long time ago. So regardless of your answer, it comes to no surprise that Epic Games would stop supporting NVIDIA 9600GT.


By sound of it seems driver is a issue more then GPU since UE4 support SM4.0 cards, NV simply dropped GF9xxx. Well…that bad news for me too. Since this effect me too i will try to do something about via source code once 4.12 comeso out, there possibility this error it’s coming direcly from Physx library, i gonna give you info on any devlopment (if i will remeber ;p)

Edit: Wait a sec all other GPUs are have that outdated version of driver… hmmm maybe it is avable via there expirance app?

Ok nvm… i check other cards and its there, yes there no new drivers for this card

Ok i updated to 4.12, the massage you got was just a warning, after you press OK editor continues to load and so far i didn’t notice any isses other then some strange jiggleing of far objects. You got me scared with your post but things seems ok other then this annoying message popup ;p

I was also forced to recomplie. ShaderCompilerWorker (it a UE4 extra program tool, it should be in you VS project) as it was giving me some format error (somethign about CF_METAL?). I update engine by pulling from GitHub so some stuff need to be recompiled sometime.

I still suspect this adding warning is related to strange PhysX crashes that people been reporting lately in 4.11 which i personally didn’t encounter yet