Can my game be published on Steam?

So, I was wondering, that if I finished a game, if I could possibly publish it on Steam. By Steam, I mean the software with all (or most) of all the PC games out there. Anyways, if you can’t, then what store(s) CAN you publish it on, except for Google Store and App Store? I know the game cannot be put up on a website, because it UE4 doesn’t support that yet.

Publish it wherever you want. Epic doesn’t care as long as they get their 5% and you’re not distributing anything like source code.

You are welcome to publish UE4 games on Steam.

Ok, cool. So do you know how I can publish it there? Or is this a question for Steam?

Thanks for the link.

What if im not selling the game just putting it out for free, do I have to pay epic anything

If you make money from it, you owe unreal.

No (just keep in mind if you’re making a free-to-play product yet make income from an ads or something, it still counts for revenue)